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HP 63XL Refurbished Remanufactured Ink Cartridges

$45.99 $53.99

OfficeWorldThe refurbished remanufactured Ink cartridges have been sent to a qualified manufacturer for restoration. The manufacturer has restocked the ink and repaired or replace the parts that are not working or damaged. A quality test will be performed on each ink cartridge as soon as the cartridge is restored back to the original form. HP 63XL The refurbished remanufactured ink cartridges from OfficeWorld provide consistent printing quality. 100% reliability, there will be no cracks, leaks, or malfunctions during printing. All of the refurbished remanufactured ink cartridges have a two year shelf life. OfficeWorld is all about advancing and innovating, OfficeWorld's aim is to ensure that the quality of our ink cartridges entering the market are stable and of excellent quality. With OfficeWorld printing is now only limited by your imagination, not your budget.

    hp 63


    Ø  Crisp clean legible text from an extraordinary clear printing process.

    Ø  Long lasting, durable, highly vivid, fade resistant color photos.

    Ø Approximate Page Yield: Up to 480 pages per black cartridges, about 330 pages per color cartridges (Letter/A4, at 5% coverage). 

    Ø 100% compatible with: HP Envy 4520 4512 4522 4516 Officejet 4650 3830 3831 3832 3834 4652 4654 4655 5255 5258 Deskjet 3633 3636 3634 3632 3631 3630 2134 2133 2132 2131 2130 1112 1110 Printer.

    Ø  Easy to install with high quality results every time.

    Ø  Certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management systems (meaning that all products meet the highest quality and safety standards on the market).  

    Installation Method 

    Step 1: Remove the tape marked “pull

    Step 2: Do not tear off the ink outlet sealing fill

    Step 3: Do not touch the chip.

    Package Information

    1 Color /1 Black Compatible Ink Cartridge/An Instruction Manual.